Monday, November 29, 2010

Hi, I'm a scriptwriter in training and although I'm learning to write for TV or Films, I have been reading comics for some time now and I am very interesting in writing comic books. Where do you thing I should start my training from? Some websites, books?

Well, unfortunately there really aren't that many books on writing specifically for comics:
The DC Comics Guide to Writing Comics [Paperback] by Denny O'Neill
Writing for Comics with Peter David (Writing for Comics & Graphic Novels)

Writing for comics by Alan Moore

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What was your first car?

A 4 door champagne 94' Nissan Sentra, that I ended up totaling when I was driving through New Mexico in 2001.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Do you think are the top 5 skills and artist needs to develop strong draftsmanship? -Nate

Well strong draftsmanship depends on the look your going for in your work. Styles vary so much that it's difficult to say "well, you need to work on this or that". but for comics the keys are smooth storytelling.
1.Being able to move the "camera" , the eye of the reader around the page .
2.A good understanding of anatomy.
3. A good command of perspective.
4. Being able to make your characters "act" by giving them a range of emotions facially and a good command of body language.
5.Versatility, the ability to draw any type of comic in any genre.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Have you ever or are you still considering a creator owned project?

I've done creator owned before with Venture for Image. i have several creator owned projects I'd like to do and will at some point.

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what would it take to get you to draw the LSH after Cinar goes crazy and leaves the book?

Someone asking me to do it.

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How is the best way for a writer to get someone to read their stuff? An artist can just show up at a comicon to show their stuff around but a writer...

The best way i've found is to actually have something in print that the editor can read later. Even if it's just something you publish yourself in black and white, I've found editors are more receptive to reading a printed comic from a new writer. You're never going to get them to read it at a convention, sorry. It's not malicious it's just that there's a lot going on at conventions.
With writing it's about cultivating a relationship with an editor and that takes time.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

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Whats your favorite character that you have drawn so far?


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I joined an art class with basically zero experience drawing aside from doodles. Felt like everyone there had already taken the class. Is drawing something anyone can learn with the proper training or is most of it something some people can't learn?

Anyone can learn to draw. However its like any other learned skill, it takes dedication and time. Don't be intimidated by the other artist in your class. Depending on the school, an art class should be a nurturing environment. They'll encourage you and have fun with it.

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I'm trying to hook up with an artist, what's the best way to ensure I get the pages done and not get screwed money wise? Love Supergirl by the way. Hands down the most reliably good book on my pull list.

Well, the fact of the matter trying to find the right artist is like dating. you're going to meet a lot of duds first before you find the right person. You need to be upfront with said artist exactly what it is you're looking for.

1. No down payments. If it's work for hire, make sure they know that and never pay an artist any money up front. Payments should only be made upon completion of the work and not before.
2. Set a realistic time table. if your artist can only do a page a week or can draw 6 pages a day, make that part of your over all publishing plan.
3.Don't be desperate, never settle for the first artist you meet. Find the right artist for your project by mentioning the styler of artist you're looking for.

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Marvel or DC? Or Image? Or Dark Horse? Or IDW?

All of the above. I read everything. I buy what I like.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Commissions begin in December

I'll be taking on commissions again for the first time in three years. I've done a few small things for friends, (Eric, I haven't forgotten your Doctor Who piece) but I haven't really taken a lot of private commissions. I'll be doing them on a limited basis maybe two a month starting in January but this month to get the ball rolling, I'll be taking on four commissions. Pricing to be determined. you can get more information at Cadence Comic Art or hit the original art link on this very blog.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

How long before Linda Danvers inevitably shows up for a brawl with Kara over the Supergirl name?

Isn't she still in hell?

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Who is the artist you fashioned yourself after once you made the decision to do comics for a living? And what was your first steps in following that path? :)

Well, it comes down to three artists ultimately. Dave Stevens, Steve rude and Brian Bolland. those were the guys whose work I gdevoured back in the 80's. I also liked Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, John Byne, Jerry Ordway, Chris Warner and Don Newton. As far as my first steps? Well I was lucky enough to attend a High School that not only focused on art but had a comics program, I also was able to become an intern at DC Comics when I was in my junior year for six months so that help me get to know a few editors.

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Ronnie Raymond & Professor Stein era or Elemental Firestorm (Blank Slate Era)?

Ronnie and Martin. i wasn't a fan of the elemental Firestorm.

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In World's Finest #3 Catwoman was captured with her outfit zipped up. When she is later rescued by Supergirl, her outfit is zipped down. So, who had the busy fingers?

to be honest, I hadn't given it that much thought. I took the lead from Gillem March on Gotham City Sirens. Honestly, I wanted to do a little fan service and that seemed like the perfect "Perils of Pauline" sort of situation to do it.

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Have you ever been given the opportunity to write ???? and if not would you take such an opportunity???

Here's the dirty little secret, i suppose. I've done a lot of writing outside of comics over the years and written a few things in comics that you would never have known I'd written because. I don't pitch to DC very often but I've got three or four different creator owned project in various stages of development, one with Fred Van Lente, the others are more recently developed concepts that i'm writing. I've written plays and screenplays since i was 12

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if your daughter was asked what your job is her response would be???

He draws grown folks in funny costumes kicking the crap out of each other.

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If you discovered a Djinn (Genie) who offered to grant you three wishes (and, no, you can't wish for more wishes, smartypants), what would you wish for?

Good health, enough money to live off of so that I can self publish, and an end to congressional gridlock, or is that too specific.
I don't want to immortal and I don't need to be rich, but I really want congress to get past all this ego driven bullshit and fix the economy.

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