Monday, October 6, 2014

The Terminator :Enemy of my Enemy #6 Preview

Story by
Dan Jolley
Art by
Jamal Igle
Letters by
Wes Dzioba
Cover by
Jamal Igle
Dark Horse Comics
Cover Price:
Release Date
Wed, October 22nd, 2014

Betrayed by humanity and battered by a machine, ex-CIA operative Farrow Greene engages in the final showdown with her new and old enemies! Greene must put it all on the line in order to preserve the life of biologist Elise Fong, but can her skills match the T-800’s raw, tireless brutality?

Thursday, October 2, 2014

My NYCC activities

1. Yes, I will be signing and doing sketches.
My signing times are:

Thursday: 2:00-3:00pm
Friday: 2:00-3:00 pm
Saturday: 3:00 - 4:00 pm
Sunday: 2:00 - 3:00

2: you can sign up for sketches at
Head: $60.00 pen and ink
Head and Torso: $150.00 Pen and ink
Full Figure $250.00
Color an additional $50.00 dollars
Credit Cards accepted.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Iphone 6 and the Cult of Apple haters

To all the people complaining about Apple products, people who like Apple products and the Iphone 6, please keep these things in mind.

*We don't really care what you think.

*The very same components that people complain are mined and put together by people around the world in poor circumstances fro Apple also go into Androids, Windows phones and every other phone on the market.

*There's a GPS in every smart phone on the planet, so unless your a luddite still rocking a flip phone, you're being tracked.

*You're also being tracked when you use your credit cards for your purchases or drive a car built after 2004, BTW. So if you're worried about "The Man" knowing where you are at all times, Use cash, carrier pigeons to deliver your mail, move to the woods and where a hazmat bio suit because you're leaving DNA behind everywhere you go.

*You don't have to buy anything you don't want to, it's a choice. I won't be lining up for one, I don't have to, Verizon wireless has them and there's a Verizon store down the street. However if people want to line up to get them, isn't that their business? who are you to tell them how to use their time?

*Whining about the things other people like is fun, I know. I've been ranting about Man of Steel since last year. Doesn't change anything.

*Again, don't really care what you think.

Signing and Convention appearances in September

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I met Robin Williams at Forbidden Planet on 59th street back in 1987. I wasn't an employee at the time, I was just a 14 year old high school student. We were told not to bother him while he was shopping and we were very respectful. As I was standing at the toy rack, I sort of muttered to myself "My mom would never believe I met Robin Williams". Suddenly he leans next to my face from behind and just says "Why not?". It was a thrill for me, one that I've never forgotten. His death has hit me very hard, just like it did when Freddie Mercury died. Robin had been a part of my pop culture world almost my entire life. He was unique and won't ever be replaced.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sketches from SDCC

SDCC post-game report.

So now that I'm home and have had some sleep, I can talk about my SDCC experience.
After I helped Action Lab bring the myriad of boxes to the show, set up my own table and helped out at the Vamplets booth a bit, I walked through the show floor.

And I had a panic attack.

Not a full on, drooling on the floor-curled into the fetal position thing, but an honest to god attack that lasted at least 3 hours.

I questioned everything; why I was there, what was I doing at a convention this size, why do I still work in comics, what am I trying to prove. I couldn't think straight.
After a while I started to regained my senses but it still shook me to the bone.

SDCC is a beast.

If you've never been it's hard to describe the enormity of it all. The closest comparison I could make is something like Lollapalozza or The World Cup. It's noise, and lights and people pushing and shoving. It's 100,00 different agendas all sharing the same space.
I'm there to work. I'm there to promote Action Lab entertainment, but I'm also there to promote Molly Danger to a new audience. In the interim, I have to promote myself as a creator and it's a difficult thing to try and do all three at the same time. I'm exhausted and I could lie and say that SDCC was awesome, but it wasn't. there are parts that went well. The ALE panel went really well, as did the Comixology and Kickstarter panels I participated in. I got to catch up with old friends whom I'm going to take the time to visit once everyone has recovered.

Still, I freaked out, and that has never happened to me at a convention before.

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