Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Action Lab Entertainment Announces SDCC Events and Exclusives

Official Press Release
Critically-acclaimed independent publisher Action Lab Entertainment kicks off its 2013-2014 season with a bang at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, held July 17-21 at the San Diego Convention Center. This marks the company’s second appearance at the show, and this year will be marked with special announcements, exclusive books, and a constant stream of well-respected industry professionals.
Confirmed creators to appear at the Action Lab booth include:
Jeremy Dale (Skyward) 12PM – 1PM July 18th – July 21st
David Dwonch (Ghost Town) 10AM – 11AM July 18th, July 20th – 21st/5PM – 6PM July 19th
Kevin Freeman (SubCulture) 2PM – 3PM July 18th – July 21st
Tony Guaraldi-Brown (The Final Plague) 4PM – 5PM July 18th – July 21st
Lea Hernandez (The Garlicks) 11AM – 12PM July 19th – July 21st
Jamal Igle (Molly Danger) 3PM – 4PM July 18th – July 21st
Jason Martin (Night of the 80s Undead) 5PM – 6PM July 18th, July 20th 10AM – 11AM July 19th
Gayle Middleton (Vamplets) 1PM – 2PM July 18th – July 21st
Mike Norton (Molly Danger Cover Artist) 3PM – 4PM July 18th, July 20th – 21st
Stan Yan (SubCulture) 2PM – 3PM July 18th – July 21st
The Action Lab booth is located in the Independent Press Pavilion, Table 2202.
In addition to having a number of featured creators, Action Lab will be offering a number of limited-edition convention exclusives available at SDCC. Among the offerings:
· A limited edition sneak preview of the upcoming Molly Danger, with two exclusive SDCC covers by fan-favorites Mike Norton and Jamal Igle
· A limited edition hardcover premier of Vamplets:Nightmare Nursery with exclusive Ghost Pony cover by Gayle Middleton
· A variant cover of Skyward #1 by Jeremy Dale
· A white sketch cover of Skyward #2 by Jeremy Dale
· A special edition of The Garlicks by Lea Hernandez
· The premier of Bo Plushy Gangsta with special convention-exclusive cover.
Each of these books will be available in limited quantities while supplies last and most can be signed by their respective creators.
Finally, Action Lab, led by President Kevin Freeman, will be hosting its own panel, “What’s New at Action Lab Entertainment,” scheduled for Saturday, July 20th at 6:00 PM in Panel Room 28 D-E. The Action Lab staff and creators will be there to talk about everything that is in store for Action Lab for the next year–including some big announcements, and to answer all of your questions. Attendees will receive a special NFL Rush Zone Button which they can redeem for a special prize at the Action Lab table in the convention hall.
For more information about Action Lab Entertainment, visit their website at

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Best laid plans.

The decision to add a "thank you page" to Molly Danger book one was a last minute one. I wanted to add it because I am grateful to you all for helping the book become a reality. Unfortunately  because of the time table we found ourselves under in order to make our newly amended shipping date, we had to scramble to finish the production work. In the chaos, we missed a page of backers names. This was our fault ( Karine and I) and I couldn't be more embarrassed about it.

The following backers:

Gerry Alanguilan 
Paolo Belfiore 
Bryan Q. Miller
Gypsy fundraiser 
Charles Sydnor Jr. 
James Janowsky 
Trey Alexander 
Ty Buttars 
Dan Veltre 
Juan Pineda 
Brooke Adriana Steele 
Jonathan Barnett 
i Joe Weitz 
Janna Bennett 
Brad dancer 
Ami Harper
Henrik Lindhe 
Jesse Chen 
Coniah Grimes
Russell Solomon 
Jim Segulin
Jerry Hamlet
Chris Brogan
Lionel Kempf
Alex Johnson 
Allen Bearce 
christopher keszycki

Will receive a little something extra with their packages when they arrive. I can only apologize profusely and promise you that your names will be added with the reissue of and will get a special addendum in book two.

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