Monday, July 26, 2010

The Way back Machine 8:The really early years.

My buddy Steven Huie, tattoo artist extrodinaire of Flyrite Tattoo sent me these today after we saw each other at a mini reunion we had in Central Park.
These pages date back to 1986, freshman year at the high School of Art and Design in New York City. It's a character I created called "Crusader" the last surviving member of the Skatorian race. Skatorians were the progenitors of humanity. Earth was a lost Skatorian colony (Sound familiar?Thank you Battlestar Galactica, LOL) and Crusader was a low level shuttle pilot who barely survived an attack from the Deneb, a hive mind race of aliens led by a half Skatorian/Denebinoid called the Grand Architect.
Rescued from near death by the Skatorian Sun god (I forget what the name was but It was based on the name of a protostar in the Andromeda galaxy, I remember that much because even at 14, I was all about research, Ha!) He was reborn with the ability to control light, heat and microwave energy.
So I present six pages from "The Mighty Crusader"
Ok, yeah I know but I didn't know about the Archie heroes when I did this. I also had a Nightwing like vigilante called "Megacycle" and a Ninja/ Werewolf who looked like Corey hart called"Nightwolf"

Okay you've got to love the blu blocker Shades and the "Full Force" Jericurl, LOL


As with everything I thought about revisiting the concept a few years ago.

Just a rough sketch.
Ultimately I ended up cannibalizing elements of the character for another creation of mine, Venture, back in 2003.

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