Monday, September 13, 2010

I guess you've "made it" when...

Someone cosplays one of your costume designs. This was a kick for me, I was coming down the escalator at the Baltimore Comic-Con when I saw him and had to have my picture taken.
Came to find out that not only is he a pro wrestler Eric " The Smoke " Moran but a major comics fan. We'd met previously but this was the first chance we had to talk and it was great to see the work he put in.
Of course the funniest part is when i showed the picture of Smoke and I standing together, Karine said" You look tiny next to him, he must be really tall!"
Thanks, Smoke!


  1. Oh, Jamal, this is so good to hear! I'm working on an indie character costume and I'm a bit terrified about coming off as a lunatic!

  2. That's awesome! The fire-hair is actually convincing.


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