Sunday, October 10, 2010

To All things.. an ending and a new beginning.

I just wanted to write a quick note and address the news that was released at NYCC 2010. Yes, Sterling and I are leaving Supergirl with issue # 59. The book however will continue on with Nick Spencer and Bernard Chang, who I have every confidence will continue what we started, so be nice to them, okay?

It's going to sound cliche' but the truth is, at least for myself , I chose to leave. I approached Matt Idelson about 4 months ago right after we finished War of the Superman and let him know I wanted to move on. Two years on a series as an artist is a long time creatively, and like any artist, you feel the need to stretch and do new things. There was no malice, no secret agenda on DC's part. There were discussions of what I may do next but nothing finalized. , including Birds of Prey. So when that news leaked out I was a little befuddled and didn't know how to respond to it and I chose silence on the subject. I know a lot of people were hoping I would take over BOP. Sadly when they would have needed me to start conflicted with finishing my Supergirl run. I'll get to work with Gail again one day, LOL.

I just wanted to say thank you to the Supergirl fans who have supported us during our 2 year run on the title. Especially to all of the Supergirl fan sites like Comic Box Commentary, Maid of Might, DC Women Kicking Ass, Too dangerous for a girl, Superman homepage and Living between Wednsdays for all the support and love. I'm leaving some out because as I wrtie this I'm on my way back to New York Comic Con for the last day of the show. I haven't forgotten you so please charge it to my head and not my heart.

Our work was not for everyone. I know there were a few fans who were proponents of the book when it started who've decided, in one case, to stop reading any DC title while we were involved with the series.

That's a little extreme don't you think?

For those people I can only say : you can't please everyone. Hopefully you'll come back to the series and support Nick and Bernard.

As for me, have no fear. I'm still at DC and an announcement about my next project is coming in the next few months. It's gonna be fun.

Thank you,


  1. Sorry to hear about Supergirl. Maybe they will start Firestorm up again with you on the artwork. That is what I would like.

  2. 2 years is enough for any artist ... good luck in ur next project

  3. I am tremendously relieved that this was *your choice* and super excited about your next project.

    Honestly, I was worried that you might not have anything lined up, the industry (and this economy) being what they are.

    This puts a very different spin on things. I'm very, very happy for you :) Thank you so much for Supergirl. I can't wait to buy your next book.

  4. So sad to see you both leaving Supergirl but I am glad it was your decision to leave. Good luck on your next project, I await the news eagerly!

  5. Thanks for posting this. I was thinking about mentioning it after you told me this at the con, but it's better coming from you. I really enjoyed getting to chat with you at NYCC!

    I'm eagerly looking forward to your next project.

  6. You were such a perfect fit for BoP, I was bummed when I heard you wouldn't be the new artist.

    Best of luck on the new assignment.

  7. See you on the next project, my man. You know I'll be there!

  8. Hey man, I think it's safe to say you left your mark on the series. People will refer to it as the Gates/Igle run... anyways... looking forward to hearing about the next project lined up. Best! -Jeff

  9. You work on Supergirl was nothing short of fantastic. I look forward to seeing what new project awaits you as I know you'll soar. You're a great artist Jamal, more importantly, a wonderful human being!

  10. I'm sad to see you go off into the Supergirl sunset but I'm sure you'll be back for an issue with Sterling Gates once we demand it.



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