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From the vaults. Supergirl #54

Supergirl # 54  was a beast of an issue. Going on my whole "Go out of top" plan for the end of my run. I did more work with the backgrounds on this issue to try and create a more "believable" version of Metropolis. 

The opening panel of page 1 was a monster. Pete Woods "He who will always be awesome" designed an entire movable legend of metropolis that he built in Sketch up. I used that as the base for my placements. I then went in and built the actual buildings using the base as a layout.

Mr. Action to the rescue!
 I love Jimmy Olsen, but I've thought that for the most part over the last 20 years with the exception of James Robinson and Kurt Busiek, no one has really used him to his potential.  It's easier for a lot of writers to use Jimmy as comic relief. To me, Jimmy should be a mix between Tin Tin and MacGyver. Smart,brave, resourceful and inventive. Which is why I loved drawing this sequence. DC would never do it, but I think you could do a "Jimmy Olsen Adventures" series without Superman being involved.

I based the Daily Planet bullpen on the Bullpen at the New York Times.

the kid in the glasses (Norrie) was intended to be a new reoccurring character. I also tried to throw in some little geeky easter eggs, some were removed though. Jimmy's Camera was supposed to be a "Ditkoh", and the Daily Planet uses "Kord" (As in Ted Kord , the former Blue Beetle) Computers. In the former DCU, Kord was purchased by Waynetech when Ted went bankrupt (Bruce gave the money to Ted, I believe). Wayne enterprises also owned the Daily Planet as well.

You people have no idea how much of a comic book geek I am.. LOL.

the "Closet of Solitude"
Items include: The Blood petal from Supergirl Annual #1, the framed photo of herself and Wondergirl (Cassie Sandsmark) from Supergirl # 43, the Newspaper from Supergirl #34, A piece of her mothers, Alura, S-sheild, Her fathers, Zor-el, headband, her wig from Her "Claire Conners" identity (Supergirl #10), An Amazonian spear, her  Flamebird helmet, and a Superman action figure from World's finest #3

Definitely a homage moment

The first clue to the last arc we did. Note the evil, terse smile.

These were my initial concepts for Bizarro Supergirl. Initially I wanted her to be a complete opposite of Supergil and be covered almost completely. the costume would be a homage to her mother's outfit from the New krypton story. when that was turned down  I decided to go with an outfit closer to the Silver Age Supergirl. You'll notice that the faces are more of a traditional Bizarro style. However when I saw Amy Reeder's cover for Supergirl #55, I changed the head to match her design.

Layouts for Supergirl #54

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  1. This was one of my favorite issues for many reasons - including the homage Superman shot and the Closet of Solitude. So thanks for revisiting.
    And extra thanks for sharing the BizarroGirl concept art.


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