Thursday, November 15, 2012

G.I.Joe #1

My cover for the G.I.Joe relaunch from IDW.


  1. Hey Jamal, this drawing is well done, but the poses are rather uninteresting. The most dynamic one you have going on here is of the woman kneeling on the far left. It's so boring and pretty predictable other than that. The guy with the knives — what exactly is he going to do here? The person with the swords: where is he going? Is he flying? Why is he jumping up in the air? What is the story here???

    Your pencils are great and I think you have a lot of potential, but you need better camera work here. The characters are also a bit too clean looking for being involved in a battle like this. I'd rough up them a bit, especially on the uniforms.

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  3. I'm glad you seem to think I have " A lot of potential", considering I've been a working artist for the better part of two decades. The "Story" of the cover is to show the classic characters in their redesigned costumes for long time fans doing something cool. It's what the client requested, it's what I provided for them. THe only reason I published your comment was so that others could see my reply. Since you've gone out of your way to critique my work, I owed you a consice answer. No offense, I didn't ask for your opinion, and don't require an unsolicited critique

  4. Dear Jim,

    Who died and made you Art Director?

    Christopher Irving

  5. Personally, Jamal I feel you are being a bit harsh and a little disappointed. If you are going to post artwork, you should expect to get a variety of responses from your viewers.

    Jim has a legitimate point about the characters and overall composition. It's unfocused and some of the poses are a bit stiff. You clearly didn't have your heart in this piece as I've seen your Molly Danger, Nightwing, and Firestorm work.

    Don't fault the guy for giving his opinion and for what are some interesting recommendations.

    As for as his "a lot of potential" comment is concerned, the day any artist believes he has reached the pinnacle of his artistic talents is the day he should never lift another pencil again, because there is always something new to learn in order help one evolve as an illustrator.

    And remember, "everyone is a critic".


  6. Andrew,
    What I am to expect, or not expect is not really in question. It was tone of his post that I find objectionable. Perhaps if I boroke the thinking behind the peice down, how i used the figures as a wedge shape. to draw the eye across the entire composition.
    I did not find his "Recommendations" interesting. They had nothing to do with the piece itself or the focus of the piece, which is subtle play on "Washington crossing the Delaware".
    I neve think that I'm a perfect artist, however, you should also not make assumptions about my enthusiasm, or my motivation on any piece I draw . Particularly one that I spent the better part of a week composing and drawing.

  7. Jamal,

    Of COURSE Jim and Andrew are right. I mean, don't you know how many comics Jim and Andrew have prod-- what? They haven't done any? Oh. Never mind.

    I know exactly who you are and your contributions to the comics field. As a fan and aspiring inker/writer myself, I'd like to say that you're awesome!

    (This piece is great, by the way!)


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