Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Intrinsic Movement: An interview with Jamal Igle

Emotional Resonance

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There are many standards of art and grades that it is measured in. Art means different things to many different people and all for different reasons; all infinitely personal and diverse.
Comic book art is distinctly representative of such a fact. Hundreds of artists across thousands of publications work diligently to hone their technique, render some incredible artwork and bring our favorite characters to life.
One such gent is Jamal Igle. Truly a gifted individual, Mr Igle has worked in the industry since the age of 17 – part of an internship at DC Comics – whilst attending the High School of Art and Design.
He’s worked on a range of titles bringing his own unique style; clean, clear and incredibly detailed pencils that highlight fantastic backdrops and sculpting classic characters with a contemporary style – retaining their familiarity while acknowledging his own creativity.
Currently working on The Ray and recently making the transition toIDW to work on the relaunchedKISS title, Jamal Igle has left his stamp on many books along his journey. He also is an active volunteer at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art where he is also a guest lecturer.
I was able to catch up with him at London Super Comic Con and it was a complete joy. The warm-spirited and gracious Mr Igle allowed me to pick his brains on the nature of art, how comic book art is valued, his own styles and techniques and the direction art is taking as the Digital Age approaches ever closer… But first an introduction by the man himself!

Hi my name’s Jamal Igle. I’m a ‘lifer’ – I’ve been working in comic’s twenty-something years. I know I don’t look it!

What’s your personal definition of art?

My own definition of what I’d say is art? Well for me, art has to be moving. It has to be emotionally moving. You have to feel something. Even if it’s fear or sadness or excitement from an image then that is artistic. It doesn’t have to be technically precise but if it creates an emotional resonance within a person then that’s what I consider to be artistic. There are plenty of pieces of art that I would not consider to be technically strong but move me on an emotional level.


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One of the most popular and prolific pencillers in the comic book industry, Jamal Igle is an award winning artist and writer. Best known for his run on Supergirl with writer Sterling Gates, Jamal has been a professional jack of all trades for nearly 20 years, drawing every title from Action Comics to Zatanna for DC Comics. A former comics retailer, Editor for several small press companies including TV Comics, Airwave Comics and Destination Entertainment. Former Junior Art Director and Marketing rep in the Advertising and publishing arenas. Jamal's clients include Marvel Comics, image Comics, Dark Angel productions/ Simmons and Company, Devil's Due Studios, Crusade Entertainment, Walt Disney inc., Sony Television, CBS Television and Scholastic Entertainment. Jamal has also worked as a conceptional artist for the Toy and gaming industries as well as film and television. Jamal is married to his beautiful, and much smarter wife Karine.They're also the proud parents of an extremely cute child named Catherine and a Cat named Loustique