Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh ,the places I will go.

Last night I read Dr. Seuss's "Oh,The Places you'll go" to Catie last night. I'd never read it, or at least I don't remember reading it, but I was profoundly moved by it. It was strange, but it's like a personal metaphor of the way my life has been going for the last two years. There are things happening around me, big things, personal things. Some will happen sonner than later. I find myself disturbed by the tone some things are taking in the industry. Darkness where darkness didn't dwell, bitterness for the sake of "relevance". it seems that in certain corners, there's no room for magic, and light.

it bothers me more than I can say.

This not to say that superhero stories can't be serious, or adult. However you can achieve those things without making them dire, and unlikeable.

I need to be the one to make the changes I want to see. I can only say "I" because my tastes only end at the tip of my nose. There is room for fun, there is room for magic, there is room for genuine good in comics.

I need to be the agent of change now. I've been moving towards it, now I need to step up that effort.

Oh, the places I will go.


  1. That's one of my favorite books to read my daughter. And now that she's nearly 3 and actually starting to understand what I'm reading to her, it's bound to be more important. I look forward to seeing where its inspiration leads you.

  2. I've had a bunch of conversations with parents over the years about that book. It taps into something primal and parental. One of Geisel's best, that's to say one of the very best kids books ever made.


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