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From the vaults. Supergirl #34

So as with everything, if you want examine your future it helps to look at the past. We start with Supergirl #34. As it's pretty well documented, I came on the book in the midst of working on Tangent:Superman's Reign. Unfortunately I didn't have a lot of time to get comfortable with Kara as a character before I began working on the book 
This wasn't the first Image I drew of Kara, it's the second (Ably inked by Keith Champagne, who also inked issues 34-39). It really captured the feeling I wanted to bring into the book for readers. A fun, light version that defied the heavy subjects we ended up exploring during our run.

I was so excited and nervous while drawing this scene at the Daily Planet. Again, I really didn't have much prep time and I was trying to emulate the designs the Gary Frank did on Action Comics. I hadn't figured out how my Superman/ Clark Kent would look like because I was trying to match an already established design.

One of the fun parts of this issue was drawing Jeff Johnson of the website I'll let Jeff describe how this came about:

First off, I love these panels. I really do. Jamal Igle did a great job. I can't praise the man enough! He's been so cool about things since I first contacted him in August of last year.

Yeah, patience pays off. Originally he said, "I can't make any promises because it all depends on the script I'm working on. However if I can fit you in, I will."

Time passed on by, and I usually don't sweat it. After all, even if I get drawn in the same day I ask, it takes at least three months before it sees print. But I was beginning to think I was forgotten about. Then the news hit in June; Supergirl was to get a new creative team with Jamal as the penciler. I decided to congratulate the man, after all... as a reader of the book, this was great news. I reintroduced myself and my campaign, thinking he'd forgotten all about me. He hadn't.

"I do remember you actually, I have your site book marked. I'll see what I can do about slipping you into issue 34.... I think I can get you in as an angry baseball fan."

A month later he sent me an e-mail with the penciled page attached. When Supergirl #34 hit the stands in October, he even blogged about the panel, myself, and the campaign. What a shock to see somebody blogging about me!

Thumbnails from the first eight pages of the issue

I had also pitched an alternate costume design which would have incorporated elements of previous Supergirl costumes. Particularly a variation of the boots and red skirt from the 1980's/Matrix Supergirl. It was decided however that they didn't want to stray from the then current costume as designed by Michael Turner. I did however take some elements such as the new cape attachment and the ...well...

The Shorts, the shorts, the infamous shorts. Since there's no way to get around it, I'll tackle it head on. The first thing i need to say is they were never intended to appear as a separate pair of shorts. the whole idea was that they were supposed to be a skort, which is a popular item with female athletes. What happened is,Nei Ruffino had accidentally colored them red with a gold trim rather than the blue they were supposed to be. We went with it and most people didn't notice, until I did the interview with Newsarama that was picked up by NPR

I actually drew the unmodified costume into the issue until the end of the baseball scene. Notice that the height of the shirt, the sleeves and skirt are the same as when Ian Churchill drew the book.

Then after her talk with Superman, Kara subtly changes her skirt. We never point it out because frankly I didn't think it would be that big a deal.

Live and Learn.

Tomorrow: Supergirl# 35 and the difficulty of trying to draw kryptonian floor panels


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  1. Keep up the great work Jamal! Aside from obvious reasons, this issue rocked! Great run from you and Gates dude.

    Hope to run into you again sometime! Best!


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