Tuesday, December 20, 2011

From the vaults. Supergirl #43

Supergirl was one of the more emotional issues of our run. it's a sort of "Coming of Age story" for Kara. For the record, we never said exactly how old Kara was in her run. In my mind, she was 16 when we started on issue #34, so with this issue I would continue to think of her as a 17 year old for the remainder of my run.

The First panel was me doing my best recreation of Josh Middleton's cover, so that as we zoomed out from the cover we would reveal that it was a photo on Kara's desk on New Krypton.

Again with the Kryptonian clothing? Well yes. I really wanted to push the idea that the white clothing as ceremonial clothing.

We also introduced Alura's new costume in the is issue, designed , just like everything else awesome on New Krypton by Pete Woods

Pete also designed the "Tomb of Zor-el" and it was with this issue I started to play with incorporating sketch up into my layouts.

You'll notice on the pennants in the background a bunch of symbols. Those symbols aren't random creations. Once again my love for All things Superman the movie comes through. the symbols were created for the movie.

image provided by capedwonder.com

Now here's a little tidbit that still continues to irk me. this entire issue was a set up for us to have a Supergirl crossover into "Blackest Night" where Zor-El would rise from his tomb. We were later told "No" by the Powers that be and thought that was the end of it. Until Sterling and I opened up the Blackest Night Superman miniseries and saw, without our knowledge, that exact storyline thrown in at the last minute. I called Sterling as soon as I saw it and we both said the same thing... which isn't repeatable because kids read this blog. 
That's corporate comics though. You learn to roll with the punches.

Layouts from Supergirl #43

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