Thursday, December 15, 2011

From the vaults. Supergirl #39

 Picking up from the events from last issue, Reactron and Superwoman are still in his Ex's apartment when Krull decides he's going to ghet his jollies anyway.
 Util Superwoman swoops in for the save.

This double page spread is one of my favorites for a multitude of reasons. First I felt like I really set a good stage, complete with enough acting and believable set dressing. Like I said, this is basically my kitchen demolished. It took the better part of three days to pencil. this was also the first issue that Jon Sibal inked over me and we gelled immediately. I would work with him for the rest of my run as well as on Zatanna and a few other things. Now this is also an example of where things  sometimes have to be changed in midstream. You'll notice on Superwoman both on this page and the page that follows, I had drawn in a "halo" effect in fornt of her eyes. In my mind, her power came from the suit that's how her vision powers would manifest. It was decided that it was too obvious a tell that she wasn't a kryptonian. So Nei ruffino our colorist and a talented draftsperson herself was able to go in and make the changes herself.

Here's a another great penciled page, establishing Mike Henderson's office.

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