Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Ray #1 Reviews!

The reviews for the Ray have been awesome, I'm so happy you guys are enjoying the book as much as you are:

Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray’s Power Girl showed the writing team’s adeptness at creating light-hearted superhero stories without sacrificing brains or heart, and The Ray #1reveals what the team can do when given the freedom of a new character. Joined by artist Jamal Igle, Palmiotti and Gray create one of the most fully realized titles of the DC relaunch, with a clear concept, strong voice, and memorable, diverse cast. Superhero and mainstream comics – December 2011  | Books | Comics Panel | The A.V. Club

In Power Girl, Gray, Palmiotti and artist Amanda Conner also relied on a nostalgia factor as well as a scalpel wielded to eliminate the clutter of a character far too good for her retcons. Not so, in The Ray. Despite Lucien being the third Ray, the writers only mention the legend of the first Ray, from Quality Comics, subsequently recapitulated in Pre-Crisis title Freedom Fighters. For all intent and purpose, the new Ray is precisely that -- a new character, visually and as written.
The Ray #1 (of 4) | Comics Bulletin

I wasn’t actually planning to pick up The Ray #1, and grabbed it on impulse when I hit the comic store. I’m incredibly glad I did, because this is a pitch-perfect debut issue that outshines many of the titles that DC introduced with the “New 52.” This is only a four-issue mini-series, but I hope we get to see lots more of this new character. : Best Shots Comic Reviews: AVENGERS ACADEMY, THE RAY, More

Gray and Palmiotti give us an entirely new character to carry the mantle of The Ray, and it works. Even those readers who are die hard Ray Terril fans from the 90s would be hard pressed not to enjoy this issue. Why? Because it’s got everything needed to impress and excite all in its first issue. Excellent artwork and writing that makes this one a definite must have if you see it on shelves!
DC Comics Reviews: The Ray #1

The Ray looks to be another quality book from the New 52. If the rest of the miniseries is this good, it could join The Huntress as another title I want to see go monthly. Who knew DC could produce so many great comics?
Comic Roundup: Avengers: X-Sanction, The Storyteller & The Ray | Geekadelphia

And that's just the tip of the Iceberg, again thank you all!

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  1. I loved every panel of it. It was refreshing to read a comic where the hero felt totally relateable and the art was on point. Can't wait to see where this is going. Big Thumbs Up on this one.


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