Friday, December 23, 2011

From the vaults. Supergirl #46

Supergirl #46 was the last part of the "Hunt for Reactron" storyline that crossed over with Action Comics

when last we left our heroes, Reacton had murdered the members of Squad K, the Anti Kryptonian military team, and was about to kill Kara, Chris and Thara as well. As usual working on a crossover is always a headache,so because I was working so fast I was asked to design a set or Red Sun manacles

To get a feeling for where this issue was taking place, I designed a set to work from. 

 A little comparison from the pencils to finals

Now, because of scheduling, I wans;t able to draw the entire Issue, I dd however layout one of the pages i did't draw, which was drawn by Eduardo Pansica.

And reactron has his ass handed to him in a rather one sided fight with Flamebird. It was a fun squence. One of things I tried to do was have different visual moods for Flame bird so that as she calms down she becomes more sensual looking.

That way as we get to the kiss, It becomes sexy, tender and loving in it's way. You also see her heal Chris' wounds at the same time.

So that's it for this week. Happy Chanukah to my jewish friends and a very Merry Christmas,/Kwanzaa/Festivus to everyone.

Next Week: Supergirl #50, World's Finest and War of the Supermen!

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