Wednesday, December 14, 2011

From the vaults. Supergirl #38

FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!! Okay, this is the kind of stuff you get into superhero comics for, a mid air catfight.

Now if you remember from yesterday, Lucy(Superwoman) had just laid out Kara with a sneaky haymaker to the jaw, so I really wanted to go from one issue to another. in the script Sterling had a very specific idea, which worked for me as well. A POV shot of Kara about to take a shot to the jaw.

This of course was all Superwoman's idea of trying to convince Kara to stay off of Earth.

We were also beginning to explore lana lang and her relationship with Kara as well for the first time since our first issue.

We were also laying clues to a sub plot involving Cat grant that we wouldn't pick up again until Supergirl #55. Keep an eye on that doll, it pops up again.
The thing with Cat for me was pushing that sort of aging cougar angle, dressing far too inappropriately, picking up the thread that Geoff Johns had started with his run on Action. Cat is a woman of complexity, but for now i wanted to deal with the surface and make her look as shallow as possible.

Now we see Lucy in her dress uniform. in the intervening years Lucy had joined the military and was now a member of her fathers unit ,Project 7734. I tried to make the autopsy scene as accurate as possible, which took time to gather the proper reference.

Reactron... What an asshole...
His origin appeared in Doom Patrol Vol. 2 #10 
He reappeared in Supergirl # 25, redesigned by Drew Johnson
Reactron aka Major Krull would become a reoccurring villian during our run. Originally introduced in The Daring new Adventures of Supergirl in 1983, he's had a few redesigns, the last by artist Gary Frank.
Krull was an atomic powered villain who with the help of General Lane was given a boost by placing a piece of Gold Kryptonite in his heart, allowing him to temporarily rob a Kryptonian of their powers.

Krull tries to use the Gold K on Superwoman, but when it doesn't work...
Readers get  their first clue that she's not Kryptonian. I have to admit I loved the speculation that was going around at the time. Was she Maxima reborn? A New God, was she Kirsten Wells come back from the future? It was fun to watch the theories form.

  I think what I wanted ultimately was to make him as lecherous and reprehensible character  wise as possible.  I think it worked. The apartment they're in where he's stalking his ex-girl-
friend is actually My apartment, LOL. 
This was also the last issue that Keith Champagne would work on.   It's not a situation I'm 
proud of and I do take some of the blame. Through a combination of miscommunication
 between  Keith and Editorial and a lack of communication between 
Keith and myself (For which I've apologized for and he graciously accepted.) 
He ended up losing the book. I'm man enough to admit when I make a mistake and that was
 one time when I should have been more clear about my feelings with my collaborators. 
Keith isn't just a talented inker but a talented writer as well.     
 You would do well to pick up some of his work on Green Lantern over Doug Mahnke and       some of his writing work such as  Armor X on

Tomorrow: The Fix is in, and a new inker comes on board. 

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