Monday, December 12, 2011

From the vaults. Supergirl #36

Probably one of the most emotionally difficult sequences I've ever drawn, The opening 10 page sequence from Supergirl#36 will stand as one of my all time favorite issues.

Okay, there's a problem that most people don't know about. When I was drew this sequence I was ahead of schedule, so when Pete Woods drew this page in Action comics..

Reactron was in front of him rather than behind as it was in my script. I wanted to redraw it but there wasn't time.
The whole idea for me, visually was to create a great sense of chaos in the scene as Kara runs headlong,ignoring the carnage around her.

Superman chanelling Magnus:Robot fighter. I love that panel.

I had actually intended the first panel to be akin to a shot that was done in Josh Whedon's astonishing X-men run. I still think it works but I had hoped for a much more solid red tint to the shot.

These three pages were the toughest for me. As some of you know, I've had two friends of mine killed by gun violence. One was murdered, the other accidentally. Sterling had lost his father to illness as well, so this seen was very personal for both of us. I was on the verge of tears for three days drawing this seen , particularly Page 10. Nei wasn't available for this issue, but we were ably and beautifully colored by the fantastic Tom Chu of ColorDojo.

The first appearance of the white Kryptonian robes in the DCU as well as the whole crystal fortress motif.

Pencils from the argument sequence. I always liked the way this came out. 

A rare touching moment for the cousins of Steel

Here's where we begin to see the hard heart of Alura start to take form. We likened her to a person trying to deal with PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder). He captivity, coupled with the death of her husband forces her to build a wall between her and her daughter.

Tomorrow: Superwoman!


  1. I remember where I was when I read this issue. I was having such a crappy day dealing with a lot of personal issues. I went to the comic book store to get my books and I remember picking up Supergirl because I was just getting into it since issue 34. Taking it home, I opened it and saw this scene. I'd seen your work before but this was the issue where I really started to notice your work and your style. Everything was clean and dynamic and bright. Even with such a gut punch of Zor-El's death, it was impactful and made me forget for a little while what was bothering me.

    I'll always remember this issue with fondness. Thank you for bringing back such wonderful memories.

  2. No, Thank you for sharing your story. I'm glad i could bring some good vibes into your day when you need it.

  3. Jamal-- Thanks for sharing your story-- I think it is almost a rite of passage for an artist to be emotionally moved as he or she works. Hard to deal with, but maybe too important to run from.


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