Friday, December 9, 2011

From the vaults. Supergirl #35

I love this page, it took me almost two days to complete.

So I'll cop to it, I was totally trying to channel the Krypton scenes from Superman the movie and the Power drain chamber from Superman 2. Which is hard. I would do it again for War of the Supermen #1 but at this time I hadn't quite figured out how to drawn the floor in perspective.

 I really wanted to get the acting just right with these pages, the sense of pain from Kara, the sense of caring, particularly with Alura since it would be contradicted by the hard emotional shell she tries to hide behind after Zor-El's death next issue.

I really over think these things occasionally but you might notice in panel 3, I gave the Kryptonians this sort of, sideways thumbs up salute.

I based my Zor-El on Scott Bakula. I always thought he had a kind fatherly face.

  Again with this scene I was not only trying to show a progression of age, but also mimic stylistically Gary Franks' work in Action Comics and Pete Wood's designs for Kandor.

Thumbnails from issue #35


  1. I'm in love from your work... From a venezuelan fan... Andrea Martinez

  2. Looking forward to more of the retrospective. I always appreciate a look behind the scenes.


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